Experience of Telstra NBN Implementation

We engaged a client exploring broadband options including technology and cost for upgrading the current ADSL link to fibre to the premise, VDSL or NBN. The client signed up an NBN service with Telstra about a month ago. We received the Telstra Gateway Pro box and 4G dongle device two weeks prior the technician came…
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Experience of the Video Conferencing Application Implementation

We engaged a client exploring a video conferencing application based on easy to use and low cost to maintain. The client signed up service with about a few months ago. The Experiences We want to share the experience that we found during the implementation, and these are some positives and challenges that we found.…
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Troubleshooting on Virtual Machine (VM) backup using Windows Backup (wbadmin)

Challenges We managed to make one of the Virtual Machines (VMs) backup as well Hyper-V backup working. However we still have 2 VMs that we could not back them up. This is also related on the Snapshot not working either. Error Details Windows Logs/Application Level: Error Writer Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer experienced some error during snapshot creation.…
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