Useful Findings in Bubble.IO NoCode NoCode Application Development

As we are doing rapid app development on Bubble.IO during Christmas break and skipped the video tutorial as usual :), we found a couple of challenges on how to do things as we are getting used to with code and SQL query in general.

Here is some finding that we found and we would like to share them as we move along.

Design: Browser Viewing Size

With the pages that have a wide data table, the 1080 width size is too small to fit the data columns. Based on this article - Recommended Screen Resolution for Web Design (, we increased to 1366 x 768 at least cover 72+% of the users.

Query: Not including the last entry date

This query is to get the all record excluding the last entry date:

Orphan Records

We have a relationship between two Data Types which are Round and Hole. Hole. Each hole associated with a single Round while each round will have many holes. I deleted the Round record which has many Hole records and it's common behavior. However, the Hole will NOT get deleted and the Hole records will become orphan records.

Advanced option under :filtered

We have a Data Type called Hole and it has two fields called HoleScore and HolePar and I want to know the score gain in golf (birdies or better) per found and to do this I need to filter the records where (HoleScore - HolePar) < 0 and then count the filtered records.

Something like this in SQL perhaps:

SELECT Count(HoleScore) FROM Holes WHERE (HoleScore - HolePar) < 0

After googling and end up posting to the Bubble.IO forum, apparently, there is an option called Advanced under the :filtered and constraint. You can achieve quite easily to construct that query above.

Here's the image to illustrate the query:


Dashboard UI Kit + Landing -

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Article: How to Make Centered Elements Responsive Elements in Bubble -

LittleBay - The Responsive Base Template -

The End

Hope you find this post very useful.

Big thank you for the cool photo by Lum3n from Pexels.

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