Experience of the Appear.in Video Conferencing Application Implementation

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We engaged a client in exploring a video conferencing application based on easy-to-use and low-cost to maintain. The client signed up for service with Appear.in about a few months ago.

The Experiences

We want to share the experience that we found during the implementation, and these are some positives and challenges that we found.

Meeting Room Concept

As this Appear.in taking a different approach compared with other video conferencing apps, the guest user does not need to create a login to enter the meeting room. The guest user only requires a URL of the meeting room. However, the meeting initiator can lock the room. The guest user needs to knock the door to enter the meeting room. It is mimic the brick and mortar meeting room concept.

No Desktop Application just a Web Browser

This application has no desktop installation and it relies on the web browser. Chrome and Firefox are fully 100% supported.

The Technologies

  • Appear.in web application


Big thank you for the cool illustration by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay.

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