We develop these products to cater for our interests in online/cloud space, all-in-one destination community and sports.

DEWALIST – Super List Network and All-in-One Destination for Classifieds, Ask, Chats, Coins, Insight, Marketplace and Tools

Dewalist is an all-encompassing online platform that seamlessly combines classifieds, interactive Q&A sessions through Ask, real-time communication via Chats, a virtual currency system with Coins, valuable insights on various topics, a dynamic online Marketplace, and a suite of useful Tools. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, engage in insightful discussions, or explore a diverse range of tools, Dewalist provides a multifaceted online experience tailored to meet your varied needs in one unified space.

Dewalist is a thriving online ecosystem boasting 62.1K+ accounts, 298.3K listings, 250+ blogs, 380+ questions, 50+ products, and 50+ tools. With a domain active for 17+ years, it welcomes 17.0K+ monthly users, and generating 145.0K+ views. Socially connected with 3.1K+ Instagram followers, 2.6K+ Twitter followers, 1.9K+ Facebook followers, 180+ Pinterest followers, and 90+ YouTube subscribers, Dewalist is a dynamic hub for diverse interactions, insights, and marketplace activities.

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DEWAGEAR SUITE: DewaAI - AI Support Assistant

DewaAI is an experiment support AI assistant powered by a Large Language Model (LLM). It is an IT support assistant at this stage and can be expanded to any support domain assistant. We integrated this application into the Dewagear's Micro Sofware as a Service (SaaS) suit applications.

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DEWAGEAR SUITE: Atlosify Golf - Sport Analytics

The Athlsoify Golf was a part of the experiment community project. We develop a sports analytics application that caters to golf. As we moved into the production stage, we integrated this application into Dewagear's Micro Sofware as a Service (SaaS) suite applications.

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Dewapost is a blog website covering the topic of tech, creativity, gadgets, crypto and metaverse. The blog was updated on and off in 2007 as tech posts on social media/classified/tech websites. In 2020 with the Covid-19 lockdown, we consolidated these blog posts into this Dewapost new space.

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DEWABASE – Online & Cloud

We have all your online and cloud needs covered.  Dewabase (formerly known as Dewacorp Store) provides online and cloud products getting you into the internet marketing space with creation and domain name choosing and then growing your presence with our cutting-edge IT techniques and processes to get you maximum exposure.


Register/Transfer Domain, Bulk Registration/Transfer, Internationalised Domain Names, Private/Deluxe/Protected Registration, Backorder Domains, Forwarding and Masking, Certified Domain, Premium DNS. Read more.


Hosting Plan, WordPress Hosting, Virtual Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Servers, Quick Blogcast, Dedicated IP. Read more.


Standard/Premium Certificates, Code Signing Certificates. Read more.


Personal/Deluxe/Unlimited Plans, Hosted Exchange Email, Online File Folder, Fax Thru Email, Email Marketing, Calendar. Read more.


Quick Shopping Cart, Logo Design Services, Search Engine Visibility, Express Email Marketing, Fax Thru Email, Quick Blogcast. Read more.


Website Tonight, Web Design Services, Quick Shopping Cart, Search Engine Visibility, Quick Blogcast. Read more.

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