An accomplished and experienced technical consultant with solid business acumen and over 25 years of experience deploying and supporting enterprise-class infrastructure. Proven ability to interface between technology and the business to ensure that infrastructure and application services are designed, deployed and operated in line with customer expectations and business service levels. Various career roles have included Technical Business Analyst (BA), IT Operations Manager, Technical/Software Analyst, Team Leader, and Business Owner.


My specialties encompass a range of critical areas in the IT landscape, including Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (BCP), where I excel in crafting resilient strategies for unforeseen challenges. Additionally, my expertise extends to managing Request for Proposals (RFPs) efficiently, ensuring a streamlined and effective process. As a seasoned Technical Consultant and Business Analyst, I bring knowledge, providing insightful guidance on technical intricacies and contributing to strategic decision-making. Moreover, my proficiency as a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Architect allows me to design and implement robust and standardised technical environments, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.