Solution for IT Departments

Internal IT Departments: 24/7 network monitoring, reducing IT costs and increase productivity and improving network & systems performance.

Managing an IT environment, no matter what size, uptime, availability and security are key to business operations. It requires each component to function efficiently in order to maintain optimal network performance and business continuity. To do the job right, IT professionals need a network and systems management toolset capable of monitoring, managing and reporting on the entire IT environment ensure the availability of business critical IT services.

As an IT department, you face daily pressures that stem from:

  • Unpredictable costly downtime
  • Economic belt-tightening and the need to do more with less
  • Addressing competing needs such as servers vs end-users vs business applications
  • Risk and exposures due to security and compliancy issues
  • Escalation workflow processes

DewaCorp solution provides IT departments a comprehensive remote monitoring and management solution capable of monitoring all IP devices within your IT network to enable you to discover, monitor, manage and report on all aspects of your business infrastructure.

This solution allows you to overcome your top challenges by:

  • Reducing IT costs and increasing IT department productivity through automation
  • Monitoring the network to deliver a consistently high level of service 24x7
  • Centrally managing a distributed architecture as if it was local
  • Generating reports to gain insight into your network and communicate important IT information
  • Integration with industry leading PSA tools


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