Site Relocation: The Involvement and Finding

What involved

The site relocation process is involving the new carrier, losing carrier, PBX maintainer, system integrator and internal IT staff.


What we found

  1. Communicate regularly with carrier especially for Account Manager, Project Manager, Delivery Specialist about the site and ensuring the site is relocation not changing service. There was the case that carrier assuming that the site is changing service NOT relocation.
  2. Porting number process involving loosing carrier takes about 10 working days for registration. Then another 10 working days for booking the actual porting. The registration has an expiry which is 90 days. It has 3 chances to do the porting. It may have cost involved associated with cancelling andnnn reissuing the porting.
  3. For the booking porting time, it has a morning, afternoon or evening time slot. Friday evening and Monday morning has high demand. Always do the booking early as possible in order to meet the right time slot.
  4. When do the booking for the porting, it's better off not to aim 10 working days dot and allowing couple more days extra (ie. 12 working days in total) just in case the Porting Manager is not available on the day or to have more chance for the preferred time slot.
  5. When the service number has an in-dial range (100 block numbers), the redirection can't be done for all number.Normally, the main number and fax numbers are being nominated as a redirection instead.
  6. Some carriers have a lead time for modifying configuration on routers potentially 5 - 10 working days. It has form that need to submit. Some carriers have no lead time at all - changing can be done instantly via phone.
  7. In some cases, the data line might not coming in on time. Plan to have the 3G/4G solution as an in-term solution. This device is a modem/router with Wifi support.
  8. We have a replacement of the Account Manager due the current one is away. Due to we have to deal with third party for hardware procurement, ensure to communicate about the tech fund to new  account manager.
  9. When organising the cut over for data and voice lines, ensure to have an hour apart. For instance, phone is 9am and the data is 10am. Otherwise from technical point of view, it requires to deal by receiving a call from the carrier for testing.

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