TSQL: The Discovery

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The Finding

In SQL Server 2005, there is no inbuilt ROUNDUP and ROUNDDOWN function like on other SQL Server 2008 or 2012. To substitute this function is by adding/deducting .5 of the decimal point. For instance,  the number is 12345.96124  and you want to 2 decimal point round up or round down is by adding/deducting 0.005



SET @num1 = 123.12345;

SET @num2 = 12345.96124;

SELECT @num1 AS 'Number 1',

@num2 AS 'Number 2',

CAST(@num2 AS INTEGER) AS 'Integer',

FLOOR(@num2) AS 'Floor/round down',

CEILING(@num2) AS 'Celing/round up',

ROUND(@num2+0.005,2) AS 'Round Up with 2 decimal point',

ROUND(@num2-0.005,2) AS 'Round Down with 2 decimal point'

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