Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cognitive Computing for Managing Ads


Dewalist has close to 10,000 users per month accessing the sites. ItĀ  has seven websites to manage. The business process of reviewing and deleting the spam ads and reclassifying the ads are very time consuming and repetitive.


We reviewed the current business processes and turned these processes into a Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

We designed 3 robots to handle these business processes. The first robot is for managing deletion of the spam ads by going through the process in the admin website. The second robot is for reclassifying the ads by utilising UIPath and SQL Workbench automating the query the database directly. The last robot is for searching and identifying the keyword for the spam ads and classifying ad keyword by utilising cognitive computingĀ  (machine learning). By the time this article written, the first 2 robots were being implemented in production. The last robot is still under development.


  • Cut down the time drastically
  • The current user role shift to more focus/re-tune on the spam keyword.


  • DewaList admin websites
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Oracle MySQL Workbench
  • UIPath


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