Dewacorp has one aim.  To make the operation and IT of your business run efficiently.  We use our skill, knowledge and expertise within the IT marketplace to cater for all types of industry sectors and organisations. We create solutions and platforms which are cost effective and offer a real improvement to the way your business runs.

By partnering cutting-edge technology with a passionate and qualified team we can offer our customers the very best IT solutions. Our professional team possess rich experience and in-depth knowledge specialising in their particular field of Information Technology, so every step of the way you get the expert advice and solutions you need.

Why partner with Dewacorp?

  • High quality services with plain English IT expertise.
  • An IT solution which provides real cost efficiencies and solutions for your business.
  • A team of experts who love IT but won’t baffle you with science.  Our team partner with you to fully understand your business and the key outcomes you require.
  • IT solutions which always keep in mind the your strategic business interests and the risks involved

We are committed to providing all our services with equal passion, expertise and cost efficiencies.  Total customer satisfaction is our aim and our value-based services are provided by offering tailor made outsourcing and design for all our clients.

Our range of services include:

  • Development services including testing and hosting services
  • Support services including managed services
  • Integration services including cloud integration
  • Creative services including design and online marketing

Benefits these services bring to your business:

  • Comprehensive planning & execution
  • Value for money
  • Flexibility
  • Innovative & technologically advanced
  • Reliability
  • Client-centric
  • Cost-effective

We provide services across all industries and sectors, for businesses large and small.  Our approach is the same no matter what the size of your company. Partnership to understand the key outcomes required followed by cost effective solutions that make a real difference and improvement to your business.
Contact Dewacorp today to learn how the right IT solution can improve your business or organisation.

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